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GWB – defender of life!

21 July 2006

George W. Bush has finally used his presidential veto for the first time, after nearly 6 years in office. What was the big issue so worthy of his veto? Why, saving unborn babies, of course! This president and his fundamentalist friends care so much about human life that they consider discarded clumps of cells more important than the real, living people who could potentially be cured of various debilitating diseases if this research was allowed to go forward.

Oh yes, the president is a man of principle who cares deeply about human life and whose policies are governed by his deep Christian faith and the moral considerations that flow from it. This is the same man who started a needless war based on lies, a war which has so far cost well over 2,000 real, red-blooded American lives. This is the same man who sticks his head in the sand and denies that global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels because that might upset his oil buddies in Texas. The man who has sent thousands of young Americans to their deaths in the misery of Iraq conveniently avoided serving in Vietnam when his daddy’s connections ensured that he served in the Texas National Guard instead and somehow bought his way into Yale.

The hypocrisy of this man and of the Republican Party in general is simply breathtaking. This is the party that wanted to impeach Bill Clinton because he had a blow job on the side and lied about it. What Clinton did was clearly immoral and wrong, but most men who do such things lie about them. It is hardly an impeacheable offense. What is an impeacheable offense is to lie to Congress, the American people and the world about Saddam Hussain’s alleged uranium purchases in Niger, links to Al-Queda etc. in order to have an excuse to start a war which Bush junior felt a psychological need for, since his dad had not finished off the Iraqi dictator 10 years earlier when he had the chance.

Fortunately, George W. Bush will only be president for another 1 1/2 year. Unfortunately, the American people and the rest of the world will have to endure him for another 18 months…

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