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El Miracle Planet 2009

3 March 2012

I really enjoy trying local wines–one of the revelations when I moved here in 2007 was the discovery that there is lots of good wines being made right here in the Comunidad Valenciana, and in other regions that are totally unknown abroad (in the context of wine), for example Mallorca.

Of the local red wine grapes, the king has to be Monastrell. It also happens to be the grape with an extremely high content of the chemical that makes red wine good for the heart. So one can feel virtuous and enjoy at the same time. Even more so when the wine in question is organic, as is the case with the bottle of El Miracle Planet I bought at our local Carrefour supermarket this afternoon at the princely price of €6.95.

The nose is a bit disappointing–frankly, there is not much of interest there. But in the mouth this is a perfectly serviceable Monastrell, at a price in the lower range of what Monastrells normally cost. The finish is of medium length. Really a most pleasant experience–this is the kind of wine one can drink every day.

The bodega Vicente Gandia is located inland, directly east of Valencia. They make various wines, not all organic, and their web site is excellent and informative, in both Spanish and English. More detail on the Miracle line of organic wines is here.

All in all, a very pleasant discovery.

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