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An evening at La Ereta

15 August 2012

The other day, to celebrate our wedding anniversary, my wife and I and our two children went to La Ereta, one of the restaurants in Alicante that we use for special occasions like this. This is a restaurant that one visits as much for the view as for the (excellent) food. La Ereta is located in a park of the same name, about 2/3 of the way to the Castillo de Santa Bárbara on a hill overlooking Alicante. Needless to say, the view at night, through the large glass windows of the restaurant, is magnificent.

The best way to enjoy a dinner at La Ereta is to take the Menú Degustación, which consists of many small dishes that will eventually fill you up while allowing a taste of the full gamut of the kitchen’s repertoire. This evening, the menu was thus:

Menú Degustación

Bonito, Tomate, Albahaca Y Almendra

Caldereta de Quisquilla

Huevo a 65o ,Alcachofa, Trufa y Mollejitas

Sepia, caldo de otoño, Manitas y Trufa

Arroz de Moluscos y Morcilla de Cebolla

Salmonete, Pericana y Aceite de “Rostit”

Presa a la brasa, Calçot y Mojo de Arrope

Cinco Postres

One challenge was that our daughter is vegan, so none of the above dishes were suitable for her. But the waiter assured us that they could create vegan versions of most of the them, and he was right. With one exception, Monica was able to enjoy the meal at the same pace as the rest of us, and the restaurant charged us 40 Euro for her menu rather than the standard 59 Euro price of the Menú Degustación.

Then the all-important decision to choose the wine needed to be made. We chose 12 Voltios, from the 4 Kilos bodega in Mallorca. It has long been one of our favourite Spanish wines, made with 40% local variety Cellet-Fogoneu, and Syrah, Cabernet and Merlot to make up the rest.It is a unique wine from a unique bodega. And at 22 Euro for a bottle, the price was extremely reasonable, considering that to buy this wine from my friends at Vinospe I pay 12 Euro plus VAT. So the price at La Ereta is not even double the distributor price.

My son was taking pictures of the food throughout the evening, and so here is a gallery of the creations of La Ereta–a treat for both the eyes and the mouth. Please note that the dishes do not correspond to the menu above–while the number and nature of the dishes is similar, the actual dishes served on any given day may change depending (presumably) on the chef’s mood and the availability of ingredients at the market.

The photographer in action

Crema de parmesan con migas mediterraneas


One of the vegan appetisers: crema de judías and gazpacho in a little bottle

Caldereta de quisquilla

Tartare de pepino y manzana

Bonbon de gamba con remolacha

Another vegan creation: crema de almendras with grilled artichoke and sun-dried tomatoes

Rape foie con manzana and other goodies

Yet another vegan dish: grains with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, in a base of corn purée

Emperador con algo

Lasagna de verduras asadas

Probably the best dish of the evening–coloured rice with wild mushrooms and molusks

Pichón (guinea fowl)

One of the cinco postres

Another dessert

The magnificent 12 Voltios from 4 Kilos

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  1. Todo tiene muy buena pinta, espero que hayas disfrutado!!1

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