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Carmen’s painting

16 August 2020

Carmen is the finance manager of our department. She makes sure that our spending is in line with our budget, helps us ensure that our purchases of things such as consulting services and databases are made in compliance with all relevant public procurement regulations, and in general keeps us on the correct side of the law when it comes to spending money.

But Carmen is also an accomplished artist. I got the first hint of it a couple of years ago, when she gave me a homemade Christmas card:

More recently, Carmen asked me for some photos of my late mother’s magic cactus in bloom, which I post from time to time, most recently in May. She wanted to paint it based on my photographs. So I sent her this particular image of the “mother” cactus and its “children” in full glory:

And last week, Carmen sent me the painting she has made based on this image. It is not a literal reproduction of the photograph. Rather, it is Carmen’s interpretation of the subject. I like it very much:

Update, February 2021: earlier this month, I photographed Carmen in her office where she has displayed some of her works.

And a closer look at the paintings in the background:

I am fortunate indeed to have such a talented colleague. If you would like to see more of her work, check out her Instagram page: @buganvillasur.

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