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Since most Arab and many other Muslim countries now boycott Danish and European goods, we in the civilised world should fight back with the same weapon. Unfortunately, Arab countries produce hardly anything that the rest of the world wants to buy except oil. I am realistic enough to recognise that an oil boycott is not realistic. But there are still some things that we in the West can do:

  • Reduce our oil consumption: this depends on your individual circumstances, but if you can, take public transport, walk, use your bicycle, car pool, buy a smaller car etc. These are all things we should be doing anyway to combat global warming and pollution in general.
  • If you must drive, at least boycott Arab-owned petrol stations so that they don’t money off you both in the oil extraction and the petrol distribution stage. Two prominent chains of petrol stations (in Europe) are Q8 and Tango. Both of these are owned by the Kuwaiti government. Avoid them!
  • Boycott other Arab-owned businesses: Harrod’s in London comes to mind. Other obvious examples are airlines like Emirates or Qatar Air. Mubadala, an entity owned by the government of Abu Dhabi, owns 25% of the car leasing company Lease Plan International and 5% of Ferrari. I was considering leasing a Ferrari, but now I will just stick with my Opel instead 😉
  • There are a few export articles coming from countries that boycott Denmark now. In Dutch supermarkets, I sometimes see fruit and vegetables from Egypt or Morocco; also some cheap clothing is sometimes made Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Look at the label and shop accordingly!
  • Boycott Nestle and Carrefour. These two companies have tried to capitalize on the Arab boycott of Denmark by vigorously distancing themselves from all things Danish (in the case of Nestle, taking out ads in Arab papers to say that they are not Danish, and in the case of Carrefour, by voluntarily removing Danish products from their shops and heavily promoting that fact in Arab countries).
  • Don’t travel to those countries. It is anyway unsafe for Europeans or Americans to go there now, and why give our tourist Euros/Dollars/Pounds to people who hate our way of life?
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