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Cooking in confinement

From 14 March 2020 until 2 May 2020, Spain was under virtual confinement due to the corona virus epidemic. We were only allowed to leave home for work (if our place of employment was open and teleworking was not feasible–in my case it was, so I was working from home throughout); to buy food, medicines and a few other essentials or to access medical services. Everything else was closed, and no walks or outdoor exercise was permitted. The lockdown was strictly enforced by the police, assisted by the army, and violators were fined, sometimes in the thousands of EUR.

So we stayed at home, and since going out to eat was not feasible, we cooked at home every night. I photographed some of the dishes we cooked, and have set up a photo gallery here. Below are the recipes for those dishes for which I have a written-down recipe.

Irish stew

Irish soda bread

Roasted vegetable lasagna and the White sauce  to go with it

Cumin-roasted salmon with cilantro sauce

Almond-crusted salmon

Saba noodle and edamame salad

Katsu curry with panko aubergines and pickled radishes

Kale-sauce pasta

The Imam who fainted (stuffed aubergines)

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